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A recent submission we had was a science fiction fantasy short story about a vivid world and journey to the far yonder that begins in the showrooms and manufacturing plant of custom drapery and upholstery company. Now these drapes are a far cry from the typical custom curtains that a regular e-commerce company might make. The Moon At Midnight Dream Drapes in the story appear to be typical custom draperies. The sales pitch is that they have the ability to make virtually any drapery style imaginable. Plus they sell the four most popular drapery styles include Euro Pleat Drapes (also known as Top Tack), Box Pleat Drapes (also known as Inverted Pleat), Goblet Pleat Drapes, and Pinch Pleat Drapes made to fit any windows perfectly that any other retail store would offer. They offer 100% Silk Taffeta and Silk Dupioni drapes, along with the popular cotton and linen drapes that are classic and never go out of style. Want your silk drapes are fully lined and interlined for fullness and protection, done to perfection. The colors were numerous as well as the selection of patterns. SO what does all this have to do with the actual story? Well, the drapes are not what they seem to be.

Once the fabric type, color and pattern is selected and the curtains made, the company installs the custom curtains for you. And then the adventure begins. The drapes are actually magical portals to other worlds. Usually magical incantations need to be uttered to activate the portal, thus keeping the peoples from “our” world safe from the creatures and a cast of interesting characters that populate a richly realized world with its unique magic system on the other side.

The author introduces several nuance characters from both sides of the “drapery barrier”. These well drawn, yet ambiguous characters are neither black nor white. In other words there are no outright good versus bad characters. This means that some of the characters often have to make uncomfortable choices that some might say arguably are “evil” choices.

One of the characters is an alcoholic. Well actually no longer an alcoholic. After trying the typical alcohol rehab treatments and being an AA member for 10 years, the character, WolfMax learned about a new drug therapy for alcohol addiction which involved a medication called Baclofen. (An interesting note: this is an actual drug that doctors in Europe prescribe as the primary treatment for alcohol abuse.) After suffering from typical side effects that included tiredness, nausea, headaches or dizziness, WolfMax finished succeeded in eliminating his alcohol cravings and quit his excessive drinking. He still enjoys his occasional fine, exotic wine and still brews his artisanal beer, but he drinks only in moderation. As of now the author has submitted what is probably the first two thirds of the story. So far it’s been a great read.

Usually we would prefer that the submission is complete. But perhaps we will start a mini series type of publication and release some noteworthy stories in chapter form rather than being complete. It will be more like a TV series of slowly revealing the story line week to week. This format would be particularly helpful for long submissions such as this science fiction fantasy. Since our site is still evolving depending upon the type of submissions we receive, we feel comfortable switching things up a bit, so please bear with us.

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